Property Maintenance

(in the Home or Business)

Planned Maintenance

At Ultra Services, we strive to not just to maintain but for continuous improvement by identifying and improving standards for residential building occupants by understanding and completing both legislative and statutory obligations and delivering the maximum efficiency of your property assets provided as key service of the company.

An example of our extensive services can range from the replacement of singular project within a residential property to large-scale planned maintenance programmes across multi-use residential and commercial portfolios.

Preventative Maintenance

As the saying goes “a prevention is better than a cure” our holistic services of preventative maintenance identifies potential issues before they happen and enables our customers the ability to impact them accordingly which enhances your asset management and overall safeguarding of your investment(s).

Pro-active Maintenance

At the request of our customers, we can provide a program of future works specifically aligned to your requirements which introduces a schedule of projects designed to provide you with the maximum efficiency of your property, by installation of modern technologies or cutting edge methods purposed to genuinely increase your investment property to the highest levels.

Reactive Maintenance

We consider this as a priority service within the Company, ensuring that when an emergency happens, irrespective of the circumstances, we are there to deliver our unsurpassed services and impacting the issue at hand with our property maintenance experts who will react quickly to the requirement, minimising the operational impact of your property or business.

Our company ethos of first time, on time, every time provides us with the distinct instruction to complete the job on our first visit, ensuring that potential health and safety issues, environmental escapes and vulnerable inhabitants are prioritised.