Welcome to Ultra Home Improvement Services

Ultra Home Improvement Services, we are leaders within our field of residential or commercial maintenance:

  • Property maintenance
  • Building repairs and alterations
  • Renovation
  • Delapidations
  • Planned, preventative, pro-active maintenance (PPPM)
  • All trades covered

Essentially our offerings could be for a small redecoration residential project through to the management of an entire commercial estate irrespective whether singular or multi-use units through to planned, preventative and pro-active (PPPM contracts) to ensure not only are you carrying out works, you are providing measures in place to highlight issues in advance and provide you with the opportunity to prevent as opposed to cure.

We work to with all manners of diverse clients from home owners, landlords, housing associations, letting agents, property management companies, insurance companies, facilities management companies and many more to ensure their respective properties are provided with World class support in the internal and external maintenance of their respective properties.

We carry out works up to the value of £250,000 as a general guideline throughout South West London, although each project is provided on a merit basis.

Our core objective is to provide you with a forward-thinking, practical solution at a cost-effective price which suits your budget.

Planned Maintenance

At Ultra Services, we strive to not just to maintain but for continuous improvement by identifying and improving standards for residential building occupants by understanding and completing both legislative and statutory obligations and delivering the maximum efficiency of your property assets provided as key service of the company.

Building Refurbishment

The full potential and value added investment with either your existing or future purchase can be fully achieved by our multi-faceted refurbishment proposals, ensuring that you utilise all space to maximum effect, whilst not compromising on design, quality and individual taste.


Ultra Services are here to help when either you are moving out of a rented/owned property or the landlord/estate agent to identify and rectify any minor or major damage which may have happened during the occupancy/management in order that the rental agreement, whether residential or commercial is satisfied.

Bespoke Requirements

To list every service provided by Ultra Services would be extensive and diverse, so the easy way of finding out whether we can do something is to contact us.

Estate Management

Our estate management services can be tailored to bespoke requirements which may include: periodic inspection, cyclical maintenance plans and implementation, contractor management, health and safety assessments, out of hours works, property administration and overall management of the estate.